Therapy, the Cornerstone of Addiction Treatment

Man in addiction therapy services | Lake Hughes RecoveryThe core service Lake Hughes Recovery provides is therapy. Any rehab program, anywhere is structured around various forms of therapy. In therapy, you learn about the nature of addiction in general and yours in specific. You and a therapist dig deep into your past and present to understand what led to become an addict. You’ll be honest and they’ll be honest back. There’s no judgment, no guilt. Only healing.

Individual and Group Therapy for Addiction

Your addiction itself requires therapy. In 1:1 or group sessions with a counselor, you’ll explore your particular addiction. When did you first use or take your first drink? What happened after that? How did things get out of control? What were you going through at the time? These aren’t questions you’d normally ponder on your own, but talking them through with a trained therapist opens avenues of thought you never considered.

To tackle any problem, you must first understand it. So it is with addiction. Many patients find this process as interesting as it is therapeutic. Addiction is a complex problem but an understandable one.

Individual and Group Therapy for Co-Occurring Disorders

Addiction has causes and effects that don’t just go away once you detox. If you don’t take care of them at the same time, they’ll linger and potentially cause a relapse. Nobody wants that, which is why therapy for mental-health disorders like depression or anxiety are a critical part of your days during recovery. You’ll learn to recognize the signs of these disorders and how to cope with them in healthy ways.

Holistic Therapy

Not all therapy involves people sitting around and talking. The serene, rural setting of Lake Hughes Recovery is perfect for other kinds of therapy that widen your perspective and bring you inner peace. You’ll learn new habits—perhaps even new hobbies—that will follow you out the door and help bring a richness to your life that you never dreamed possible. These therapies are generally fun or relaxing, helping you to see the many possibilities and “highs” life offers when you’re clean and sober. It’s all part of the recovery experience.

Examples of holistic therapy include:

  • Art therapy
  • Farming therapy
  • Equine (horse) therapy
  • Fitness therapy
  • Sports therapy
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Music therapy
  • Acupuncture

These amenities, along with our professional addiction treatment programs and staff, will help you overcome your addiction and create lifelong stress-management strategies.

Let today be the last day addiction controls your life. Give Lake Hughes Recovery a call today and start on your path to recovery.