Here at Lake Hughes Recovery, you’ll have the opportunity to live on our expansive 37-acre private men’s inpatient rehab. Whether you require 30-day treatment or need extended care, rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. Escape the day-to-day temptation and embark on a restorative journey to a new, fulfilling lifestyle.

What to Expect From Our Men’s Inpatient Rehab Program

Men's inpatient rehab | Lake Hughes RecoveryOur inpatient rehab is a male-only program employing the 12-steps. After successfully completing detox, you’ll transition to our residential treatment. During your stay, you’ll have access to diverse therapeutic methods and a number of holistic amenities. For example, we have a chef on-site who will prepare nutritious meals each day. In addition, our facility offers fitness and yoga therapy to keep your body strong during recovery. To ease your personal rehabilitative process, our men’s drug rehab includes:

  • Stress management
  • Psychotherapy and neuro-feedback
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment for PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and Bipolar Disorder
  • Group and Family Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention Methods
  • Aftercare

Recover in the Foothills of the Antelope Valley

Lake Hughes Recovery rests in the mountains of California’s Antelope Valley. Located on the western tip of the Mojave Desert, our facility is a lakeside oasis ideal for restorative rehabilitation. With extensive, breath-taking acreage, explore the west coast’s diverse climate at California’s largest alcohol and drug treatment campus. From crisp morning hikes to lakeside relaxation, your stay with us will be a memorable one.

Unwind with Lakeside Amenities

Our men’s inpatient rehab rests on rolling peach and pomegranate orchards with nearby lakes and more. You’ll have the opportunity to kayak, fish, and traverse our scenic trails. Additionally, connect with the outdoors with holistic amenities such as equine and farming therapy. We also house a hyperbaric oxygen chamber which increases the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream, which promotes healing and fights infection.

Reach Lasting Sobriety at Lake Hughes Recovery

Addiction is a mental disease, and its grasp is firm. At Lake Hughes Recovery, professionals at our men’s drug rehab will help you learn what initially led to your problematic behavior, how to prevent it, and how to cope with temptation.

If your addiction controls your life, it’s time to seek treatment. Lake Hughes Recovery provides unforgettable experiences that will help you find inner peace in sobriety. Call now to begin your rejuvenating journey today.