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Benefits of a Gender Specific Treatment Program

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Why Should You Consider a Gender-Specific Treatment Program?

If you are currently seeking a treatment program, you may be wondering what type is right for you. Two of these choices include co-ed programs and gender-specific programs. Why should you even consider a gender-specific program? The answer is simple: men and women are unique. Neither is higher nor better than the other, but they are different. Approaching alcohol or drug rehab the same way for both genders will not bring optimal results. Below are some of the ways a gender-specific program is beneficial.

Women and Men Become Addicted and Experience Addiction Differently

There are physiological and biological differences in men and women- that is simply a fact. These differences often affect the rate at which males and females become addicted to harmful substances. This also means that there is a high chance that men and women will experience detox and withdrawals very differently. Additionally, the rates of relapse differ between genders, as well. With relapse prevention being an important part of recovery, we here at Lake Hughes Men’s Recovery have the ability to form our strategy specifically around male struggles.

It Provides a Safe Zone

A large part of our Lake Hughes Recovery program is our daily group therapy, and we strive to offer a safe zone to our patients. Having men’s only group therapy helps to create this safe zone for a few reasons. First, in addition to physical differences, there are also emotional and mental differences, and both genders need a safe zone to discuss problems and admit their feelings without judgment. Men and women generally have different emotional responses, even if the experience or trigger is the same.

Take sexual assault, for instance. As much as we might like to deny it, men are sexually assaulted, as well. While the experience is horrible for both genders, it causes different feelings. Women often feel scared, ashamed, and more while men often feel emasculated. It is a similar experience but each gender responds differently. Admitting an assault in front of women might make the man feel even weaker.

Likewise, for men who have committed domestic violence or sexual assault, discussing it in front of women might be a source of contention. Though the acts are not right, fellow men will often judge less as they can easier understand the actions. Even those who have never committed such an act can relate to the underlying anger and such that might be at the root. A group of men can often open up about their weaknesses with one another much easier than they can do so with women.

There also tends to be differences in how males and females parent differently. When discussing weaknesses, guilt, or bad parenting decisions, it is less contentious for dads to speak with dads, and for moms to speak with moms. This prevents moms from judging dads and dads from judging moms, both of which can cause issues and stall recovery.

Gender “Roles”

Even in 2019, there are still ideas of the roles each gender should play. It can be such a huge disagreement that both genders feel the need to defend themselves in their actions. If these different ideas lead to tension and a lot of arguments, they can get in the way of treatment.

The Treatment Can Be more Focused

Due to all of the differences between men and women, having a gender-specific treatment center can provide a more focused treatment plan.

Men’s only facilities can focus and specialize in men’s issues, triggers, and physical recovery challenges. A women’s only facility can do the same for women. Though not guaranteed, it stands to reason that a more focused treatment plan with less unnecessary distractions will provide greater results.

At Lake Hughes Recovery, some of our methods include stress management, cognitive behavioral therapy, relapse prevention, and life skills. Though both genders need these, we are able to provide better strategies to our male patients as we focus on and understand these issues from a male perspective.


Recovering from addiction is an excellent and yet very difficult move to make. This tough process takes a commitment from the patient, the family, and the treatment center. Lake Hughes Recovery is committed to your recovery every step of the way. When you are ready to make that commitment to a gender-specific program, we are here for you and your loved ones. Contact us today.

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