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Benefits of an All-Mens Rehab

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Let’s face it, men and women are different. This is especially true physically but it is also true in a psychological sense. This means that men and women experience addiction in different ways. The reasons for abuse vary from one person to another as it is but it has been found that many women first start abusing substances as a result of sexual abuse whereas men start because of problems in reaching out and connecting on a personal level with others. Addiction treatment needs to be individualized in order to be the most effective. A drug rehab program that is designed for both men and women can’t take the time to dig deeper into the gender-specific factors surrounding addiction. Programs that are designed for only one gender make it possible to design-intensive programs that are based on the proven methods that work best for the particular gender. An all-male drug rehab program such as that offered here at Lake Hughes Recovery is able to offer men with substance abuse issues many benefits.

Different Expectations

Society puts a lot of expectations for men. They are expected to be strong, be able to handle emotions, and not need to ask for help. We all know this is unfair. Men are human beings who feel, need to bond with others, and like every other living thing, can’t do it all alone. By being surrounded only by men who are in the same situation as you, you are able to put aside these expectations that society and yourself have drilled into you and begin to heal. When you are surrounded by other men in the same situation, you have the opportunity to realize that you are not alone.

Greater Bonding

Men tend to bond more easily with other men. Think about how relationships that form in the military often last a lifetime. This is also true for those who play on sports teams or work in traditionally all-male fields such as law enforcement or fire-fighting. Men bond through shared experience in a way that they can’t with women. This experience of embarking on the sobriety journey after falling to addiction is one that lends itself to bonding with other men who understand.

More Focused

During your rehab, you need to focus on one main thing. That is you and your recovery. Group counseling will be a part of this. With an all-men group, you can get more focused on the things that pertain most to men and not have to spend time sitting through things that are not regularly a part of the male life. Stressors for men and women can be equally harmful but they often differ. The more time spent on shared experience and learning what works for other men will aid you in your healing.

Fewer Distractions

When men and women gather together things like sexual tension and relationships can become a distraction. This is particularly true in situations that are highly stressful. By eliminating this distraction, you will be able to focus more on yourself. There won’t be those thoughts of whether you meet certain expectations of women. From the earliest of years, men find themselves competing with other men and this often is for the attention and admiration of the female gender. Eliminating women from this part of your journey helps you get rid of that internal need to compete.


Men often don’t feel comfortable opening up in front of women. An all-male environment will feel safer in this regard and you will find it easier to open up and share inner thoughts. This is a necessary part of your journey. There will be time to work on opening up to others later when you feel less vulnerable. For now, an all-male group will often feel the safest.

If you are ready to put aside your substance abuse and discover the happy, healthy, sober person who has been crying to come out, contact us now. There is no greater time than now to start becoming the free man you have always wished to be. Let us help you make that journey at Lake Hughes Recovery. Contact us today.

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