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Benefits of an Inpatient Rehab Program

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Drug and alcohol addiction are a growing concern in the US. The most common addictions are prescription medications, heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. There could be a variety of causes as to why an individual suffers from addiction. While recovery and addiction treatment is difficult, it is not impossible. It has been proven that individuals that participate in an inpatient rehab program have the greatest chance of success and recovery. Lake Hughes Recovery wants to be a part of your path to recovery. They are conveniently located to serve the communities of Palmdale, Lancaster, and Santa Clarita’s inpatient rehab needs.

What is Addiction Treatment?

Addiction treatment is any type of program or plan that intends to help an individual overcome his or her addiction. There are many different types of addiction treatment. It is often a long term process involving different types of approaches and monitoring. Often, an individual with addiction faces relapses and heavily relies on support from family and friends. It is hard to recover from addiction and individuals need all the support they can get. Treatment looks different for each individual person based on his or her needs. Some receive help from their primary care doctor, or from a hospital. Some benefit from outpatient services in their local community. Others benefit the most from inpatient rehab, whether it is nearby or in a remote location.

What Are The Benefits Of Inpatient Rehab?

An individual receives many benefits from inpatient rehab addiction treatment.

Individual focus – When an individual enters an inpatient facility, he is leaving friends and family behind. He is also separating himself from access to the outside world, the stresses and the triggers and the ability to get drugs or alcohol. The individual has decided to walk away from all the negative aspects of his or her life and focus on healing and recovery. The individual does not have access to his or her cell phone, the news, or even a television. This is a time to focus on himself and the underlying reasons for turning to drugs and alcohol.

Constant Support – There is a team of people helping an individual in inpatient rehab. This team monitors the individual through withdrawal and dealing with those symptoms. There will be doctors on staff to help care for the physical needs of the individual. He or she also has therapists to help with any psychological concerns. These facilities focus on hope for the future, motivation to continue and push through the rough spots and inspiration to keep going.

Holistic treatment approach – Inpatient treatment facilities know that recovery is multilayered and the process takes time. Detoxing from drugs and alcohol is a painful but necessary step to recovery. The emotions of someone going through withdrawal go from one extreme to the other. An individual in treatment needs help to physically, emotionally, and mentally fight their addiction.

Structure – Inpatient facilities provide something that most addicted individuals do not have, structure. They are not allowed to have much free time early on in the recovery process so they can focus on forming new and healthy habits. They are encouraged to focus on healthy eating habits and exercise. These two things are key features in recovery. Individuals may take up new hobbies like playing an instrument or painting to give them something positive on which to focus.

Community – The community aspect of recovery takes on many different faces. It can be in the form of group therapy. This gives individuals who are recovering addicts people with whom they can talk that understand their situation. It gives them a place to feel safe to communicate their feelings. They can practice self-affirmation which is an important way to battle negative thinking. They have people in which they can turn when they are faced with temptation, triggers or cravings. They will be surrounded by a community of supportive and kind people.

Tools – Inpatient rehab teaches individuals ways to manage stress and how to handle triggers when they face them. Going home is often scary for individuals who are in recovery. They know they will be faced with triggers and stress that they will have to manage.

If you or someone you love is battling addiction, do not hesitate to contact Lake Hughes Recovery to get them the help they need. c

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