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The Benefits of a Dual-Diagnosis Program

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You can get sober but if you do not address the underlying problems that cause you to drink or do drugs, you’ll probably use again. Although people refer to substance abuse as a “habit,” it’s really more than that. It is your self-medicating to address a larger problem.

Dual Diagnosis Treatments

Tackling these issues at a dual diagnosis center provides you a better opportunity at getting sober and staying sober. A dual diagnosis center addresses the physical addiction to alcohol or drugs and the psychological root of the addiction. It uncovers the issue, trauma or mental health issue that triggers the desire to drink or use drugs.

Six in 10 individuals with a substance abuse disorder also experience a co-occurring disorder. For some, it is anxiety, others’ depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. Other disorders also affect those who abuse drugs or alcohol. A dual diagnosis program like Lake Hughes Recovery takes into account the psychological aspects of addiction.

Underlying Mental Health Disorders

Addressing your mental health disorder better equips you to address your substance abuse issues. Both are diseases. Treating both at one time helps you effectively recover from both.

Like many other health problems, there is no cure for substance abuse, only treatment, and recovery. The same is true for mental health issues. Regular therapy can help with mental health disorder while daily support meetings can help with sobriety.

Untreated, co-occurring disorders can make addiction worse and worsen the symptoms of the underlying cause. A depressed individual might drink due to the depression, but since alcohol is a depressant, the individual remains depressed and it may deepen because of the drinking. Rather than self-medicating in this manner, enter a treatment facility that helps address both problems.

Treatments at Lake Hughes Recovery

Lake Hughes Recovery offers a number of options for you to improve your life. It offers detox, residential inpatient, partial day programs, intensive outpatient and other outpatient levels of care for men only. The Lake Hughes Recovery facility uses a combination of approaches that include teaching healthy coping methods, traditional 12 step meetings, fitness therapy, nutritional education, and relapse prevention skills. Your treatment will also include approaches as diverse as art therapy, equine therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotherapy in individual and group therapy sessions. Lake Hughes also offers family therapy.

Addiction creates problems for far more than only the addicted. Your family and close friends have also been affected. We include them in group sessions in person, via telephone or via video conference.

A dual-diagnosis program helps identify the psychological or neurological disorders that influenced your substance use. Identifying these and treating them properly, including prescription medication and therapy. Your treatment is led by both addiction experts and mental health professionals so that your treatment plan addresses both. These professionals guide your treatment and monitor your progress.

You can continue your treatment after detox with the Lake Hughes Recovery outpatient programs. This ensures you continue treating your substance abuse problem with the same doctors who helped you initially achieve sobriety. You keep the support system that helped you get clean.

You’ll learn to recognize your potential triggers and apply coping skills. This helps you to avoid a possible relapse.

Contact Lake Hughes Recovery today to get started on your new, sober life. You can get clean and stay clean. Choose a dual diagnosis approach that helps you address the underlying problem, as well as your substance abuse. Call Lake Hughes Recovery at 888-677-0502 to get started today. We offer dual diagnosis treatment to men and we’re conveniently located near the Lancaster, Palmdale, and Santa Clarita areas.

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