Stop Substance Abuse, Take Back Control

Lake Hughes Recovery is a substance abuse rehab facility where your recovery from years of drug and alcohol abuse is our main priority. Our treatment facility offers holistic substance abuse treatment that treats addiction as a disease. We provide the quality treatment needed to overcome the despair of addiction when you have hit your rock bottom. It is our calling in life to provide you with the care needed for long-lasting recovery.

Stop Substance Abuse Today. Reach Out, Know that Lake Hughes Recovery is Here for You!

Our men’s addiction Inpatient treatment offers quality care in a safe and relaxing environment. We provide licensed therapists who specialize in addiction and dual diagnosis for comprehensive and effective care. Our addiction rehab center offers the best place to get away and restore your life before your addiction spiraled out of control.

Lake Hughes Recovery men’s rehab offers the serene environment and evidence-based drug and alcohol treatment to get your life back on track. Our men-only substance abuse programs provide quality treatment with your needs in mind.

Your Recovery is Our Top Priority
Stop Substance Abuse at Lake Hughes Recovery Rehab Center

Men-only Inpatient Rehab

Our men-only inpatient treatment facility provides effective evidence-based addiction therapy for long-term recovery and sobriety.

Our substance abuse treatment programs provide men with much-needed distance between you and the environment that fuels your addiction. Together, we will stop substance abuse and overcome the despair of addiction.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

At our men’s drug and alcohol rehab centers, we do things the right way by treating co-occurring disorders and Substance Use Disorders with quality care. Create distance from the toxic situation of your active addiction and stop substance abuse today.

Retreat to Lake Hughes Recovery men-only drug rehab for proper diagnosis to the root of your addiction.

Medically Assisted Detox

Our men-only treatment programs focuses on medically assisted detox with qualified licensed nurses and physicians. To stop substance abuse we focus on your needs in these early stages of recovery.

When you choose Lake Hughes Recovery substance abuse treatment center, we provide a safe serene environment to detox from drug and alcohol addictions.

Addiction Therapy Services

Lake Hughes Recovery addiction rehab centers offer addiction therapy that suits your needs and offers a safe environment to focus on your recovery.

Other addiction rehab programs provide therapy, but our goal is to offer quality addiction therapy that takes your needs into consideration. We want to stop substance abuse that is taking over your life. Restore your life today.

Rehab Admissions
Taking the First Step Toward Recovery

Today is the day to restore your life and stop substance abuse from controlling you. Whether you’ve been through a drug and alcohol rehab before or finding the courage to get clean now. Trust Lake Hughes Recovery to provide a safe and serene place to get quality treatment.

Lake Hughes Recovery men-only substance abuse treatment programs begins with a confidential assessment about your needs and explore addiction therapy services.

We’ll offer solutions for your current situation that will empower you to restore your life before your addiction spiraled out of control.

Lake Hughes Treatment Center’s mission is to learn about your addiction, medical history, severity of your addiction, and family situation to provide the best care possible. We want to go above and beyond for you because your life is worth it.

Learning more about your unique experience with drugs and alcohol will help us design a treatment program suited to your specific needs and stop substance abuse for good. Lake Hughes Recovery accepts most PPO plans, including the following providers:

  • This place saved my life. It's not easy to put into words the full scope of what the ranch has done for my family and what it can do for yours. It's hard but it works.

    Stephen B.